Hi! Welcome to Enclosed with Love

Welcome! First of all, let me introduce you about my store and the story behind Enclosed with Love.

When I grew up, my family did not have much. But my childhood was full of the fun memories. Many of them were from paper crafting. My parents could not afford to buy toys but they would fold ships, birds, magic boxes or whatever that came to their mind for me. It’s amazed me that how life can be transformed to paper models with imagination and creativity. It is really inspirational! To this day, I can still remember vividly the joy and the happiness from those paper crafts.

Life has taken me through so many different journeys with ups and downs, and I have become a grown woman. But now and then, I would stop and reflect about my life. Who am I? And who do I want to be?

It is an amazing soul searching process when I find myself going back to my beginning – I was that little girl who treasured the paper models as her whole world. They were not only pieces of art, but also the feelings of love and care when I receive a paper model. Therefore, I want to share the beauty of this paper art along with the positive thoughts to the world, especially when we are all going through a difficult time.

Enclosed with Love is the answer for the next thing I want to do in life. Enclosed with Love pop up cards are handcrafted based on the art of paper folding and paper cutting to recreate memories and life in your hands and carry the massage of joy and happiness. That’s why we are named ‘Enclosed with Love’.

In conclusion, Enclose with Love is a place that you can find Imagination – Creativity – Joy – Happiness.

Thank you!

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